The medicinal use of tannins dates back thousands of years. Use of gallotannins in pharma applications include:

  • Anti-diarrhoea compositions
  • Excipients for API-tannates
  • Inflammatory skin conditions

The Alsok range is in correspondence with different Pharmacopoeias. Please contact our Application Department for any question about the usage of our gallotannins for pharmaceutical purposes. 


Hydrolysable tannins are mixtures of polygalloyl glucoses and/or polygalloyl quinic acid oligomers with a degree of polymerisation in between 3 and 12. Consequently commercial tannic acid is mixtures of dozens of closely related yet different entities.

Although in some applications this distribution is an advantage, for specific pharmaceutical end-uses this is clearly not the case as knowledge of these impurities is an absolute prerequisite.

To address these problems, NaturalSpecialities developed a procedure to separate pentagalloylglucose (PGG) from its tannic acid matrix with purity over 95%. PGG is an excellent alternative for hydrolysable commercial tannic acids due to its similar physico-chemical properties but without the ill-defined composition.

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