NaturalSpecialities can offer fermentation, clarification, finishing and blending tannins.

  • Fermentation tannins
    Used on the grapes during crushing or can be added to the juice or must during maceration or fermentation in order to stabilise colour
    Tanal QCT - Tanal QCTN - Tanal WB
  • Clarification tannins
    Tanal W1 is used as a clarification aid by eliminating haze sensitive proteins
  • Finishing tannins
    Added at the end of maturation or just before bottling for taste modification
    1. Gallotannins
      Tanal W2 - Tanal W4
    2. Grape seed extracts
      OmniVin 10R - OmniVin WG
    3. Oak extracts
      Oak extracts are used as taste modification aid in red wines. OakTan will introduce aromatic wood notes in wines. The maturation time can thereby be reduced, allowing for a faster introduction of the wine to the customer. Different grades are available based on American or French oak, toasted or untoasted oak

  • Blending ingredients
    OmniVin R - Tanal QW - Tanal CW

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