Food & flavour

Gallotannins are mutifunctional ingredients. The diagram shows the 4 major properties of the gallotannins for food applications.

Protein binding

Hydrolysable tannins are excellent protein binders through complex formation. They are able to remove undesired proteins and denaturate certain enzymes. In soft drinks and juices, Tanal 01, can be used as stabilising and clarification aid. This is usually accomplished by injecting a Tanal 01 solution followed by the addition of gelatine.

Metal complexation

Gallotannins are strong metal chelators. Adding a suitable amount of tannic acid will help to prevent oxidative reactions linked to free metal ions.

  • Example: Tanal 02 can help to reduce the mineral taste found in some fruit juices
  • Example: Tanal 04 is used to remove excessive amounts of iron or other heavy metals in sugar refining

Radical scavenging

Tanal 01 and Tanal 02 are excellent radical scavengers as such they will help with:

  • Improving the shelf-life, taste and colour of for example fruit juices
  • In emulsions, Tanal 01  can help to improve the stability and reduce off-flavour formation and rancidity
  • In specific matrixes, gallotannins (usually Tanal 02 ) will help to improve the stability of natural colorants

 Tanal 01 and 02 can be added as a functional source in health fortified beverages.

Taste & mouth feel

Gallotannins can be used to adjust or compensate flavour fluctuations in beverages. Depending on the crop and climatic conditions, juices (e.g. grape, berry,...) can contain different tannin levels one year to the next. Tanal 02 can help to stabilise the tannin content.

Tanal 04 can be used as a flavouring ingredient to impart the typical mouth feel, dryness and astringency associated with tannins. Typical applications are use in ice-tea type beverages, grape or berry juices, energy drinks, chocolate milk, solid flavoured drink powders,...

Tanal 02 can act as a taste masking agent. By using high-potent sweeteners combined with gallotannins, a taste profile more close to the taste profile of sugar can be obtained.

  • Mask undesired taste components linked to artificial sweeteners
  • Reduce the lingering sweet aftertaste of high potent sweeteners

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